Sealing Granite Countertops – The How and Why

Sealing granite counter tops really should be finished for the final in care and safety within your property d├ęcor. When it may not be essential, it’s still a little something you could possibly want to do to guarantee the security, search and attraction of one’s Big Star Granite tops. The rationale some individuals pick not to seal their granite countertops is simply because granite by itself is moisture-resistant. But, sealing it helps even more protect the counter tops from spills as well as dust, scuffs or other marks or dings.


Screening to determine Whether it is Time

Sealing your counter tops should be finished about when a year but maybe far more, at the very least in some destinations that get much more don. So, in areas that get much more publicity to cooking oils, wines or other harming or staining substances, you could desire to seal your granite counter tops more generally. It will eventually prolong the lifestyle and search within your investment decision. To check if it is time on your countertop to generally be resealed, test the water check. By spilling merely a several drops it will be possible to detect if you need to seal it before long. When the drinking water beads you could wait around, but if not it really is time to reseal the countertops.

One more method you are able to test may be the paper towel strategy. Dampen or soak a basic white paper towel or cotton rag allow it rest around the countertop for around 5 minutes. Then, examine the position on the countertop afterwards. Whether it is discolored or dark from where by the damp cloth was, it really is time to reseal. Also, observe your granite to view if it begins to soak up liquids as an alternative to repel them.

Techniques to Sealing Granite Countertops

The very first point you might would like to do is totally clean up your granite countertops. Find a cleanser that is definitely specific to such a countertop and be sure to permit the granite an abundance of time and energy to dry fully. The sealant you might want should be created for granite and will be water resistant together with immune to oil-based stains.

Then, adhere to the instructions that come with the solution. Usually, doing the job in little sections performs best. You may would like to also enable an ample quantity of your time for drying ahead of putting anything at all to the countertops or utilizing them again. Also, be sure to have lots of ventilation and air circulation when engaged on this and while waiting for that granite sealant to dry.

It is your decision, typically, on regardless of whether you employ a fabric, rag or brush to accomplish the appliance. Commonly, it takes about half an hour or a bit much less for that granite to soak up the sealant. Browse the directions for your personal unique item to check out if a 2nd coat is usually recommended or demanded. If that’s so, it usually normally takes about two hours to the granite countertops to get dry enough for your second coat.